Rules You Need to Know

There must be a minimum 1 official referee representative on the field and hosting the match at the start of any match. In order for the match to be officially sanctioned by the WGL for results of match to be credited.


Be On Time, 30min after referee creates and invites teams to setup lobby. If a team does not have the correct amount of players in its match setup lobby. The game is declared as a forfeit for the team lacking requirements to start match. An the winner of the match shall be the opposing team with the requirements. 


(Regular Tournament Games): In the case both teams do not have requirements to start match both teams are forfeit. An will not proceed to the next round.


(Quarter-Final, Semi-Final or Finals): in the case both teams do not have requirements to start match. The match is forfeit and the team with the most amount of kills in the tournament so-far shall be declared the winner of the game.


It will be organized and three-game series just like major-league baseball runs it’s schedule team. Each game will be played back to back for a best out of three series.


Before every match starts. Rules shall be read by the head referee of the match and all players must sign to a oral agreement simply saying over the mic yes or along the lines of I agree. Similar to the start of a boxing match or a UFC match. if I players microphone is not working he can submit a message to the referee stating he agrees. If the referee for any reason cannot conclude to the agreement from all participating players of the match. The match shall be put on standby until requirements are met or the match is past the 30 minute post time. In which case ends the match in forfeit. 


At any point in time if the referee signals the ending of a match for any reason including disqualification forfeit or any conduct issues. The match will be taken down in the books as so. The teams or players in the match can continue to play but results of that continued play we not be valid under the WGL. 


In the set up lobby if there is a player that is not supposed to be in the set up lobby the match shall not start until the inappropriate players have left the lobby. In the case that the match as accidentally started. Then the match shall be reset and I new set up lobby by the referee.


Players are not restricted from foul language towards other players prior to the match nor do they have to be in any praticular chat party during the match. Although if a player has been deemed using foul language towards a representative of the WGL. The player must leave the match immediately. If the player does not. Then It is up to the referees discretion whether or not to disqualify the team of the player for that match. 


In the case of an illegal kill there must be a video recording of the incident submitted in a formal incident on The application website. If the referee does not catch the incident during the match the match will continue but do not worry once the form has been submitted and it is determined that there was illegal play in the league will ask the opposing team if they have any evidence to prove that they were not the first ones to do illegal play. Once the determination has been decided by the executive then result of the match will change to the correct outcome.

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